Bob Brown

Bob Brown

In 1972, when the United Tasmania Group was formed, a young doctor arrived in Tasmania looking for work. Nearly 40 years later, and a lifetime spent working for a more ecologically sustainable and just world, he is now leader of the Australian Greens and founder of the Green Oration.

Bob ran on the UTG’s 1975 Senate ticket, supporting then President Dick Jones.

“Great thinkers and orators are vital for great changes in human history.
They are also vital for the greening of global politics.”
– Bob Brown, 2010

While unsuccessful it didn’t dampen his political passion and he went on to win the state lower house seat of Denison in 1983 on a countback, which he held until his retirement from state politics in 1993 to contest the federal seat of Denison. He re-entered the political fray in 1996, when he won a Tasmanian Senate position, the first Australian Greens candidate to do so.

Bob has always recognised the global importance of Tasmania producing the world’s first Green political party and wanted to stage an annual oration which would bring the world’s brightest green minds back to the birthplace of the political movement.

The Green Oration is now organised each year by the Tasmanian Greens, with all funding for the oration coming from ticket sales.

Green Oration