Green Oration 2011

Ingrid Betancourt, the 2011 Green OratorFormer Colombian Greens senator and author of Even Silence Has an End, Ingrid Betancourt, will deliver the 2011 Green Oration.

Ingrid is a compelling speaker who had a rich history in Green politics before she was kidnapped by FARC guerillas in 2002 while campaigning as a presidential candidate.

Released in 2008 after six and half years in captivity, she has since penned the engrossing Even Silence Has an End and is in Australia as a headline author at the Sydney Writer’s Festival.

The 2011 Green Oration will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 26 May at the Hobart Town Hall.

Ingrid will only be speaking at the writer’s festival, an event in Melbourne and the Green Oration.

On Thursday 26 May Bob Brown will host the 2011 Green Oration in the Hobart Town Hall.

The 2011 Green Orator will be announced on 1 April, when tickets will also go on sale through Centertainment.

Our 2011 orator is an internationally recognised Green leader and this will mark their first return to Australia after a ten year absence.

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